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Welcome to the Your Biz business podcast

Running a business is a rollercoaster ride. It will test you, challenge you, reward you and everything in between.

The Your Biz Podcast talks to real people about all things business ownership. It’s THE business podcast for ambitious women in business who want to expand what they do, improve how they do it, and learn from the experts.

We talk:

  • Mental health and self-care
  • Adapting and diversifying
  • Tips and techniques for transforming your business
  • Success stories


  • Real stories, from real business owners
  • Advice from the experts on all areas of business
  • Real, actionable ways you can make changes to your biz
  • And so much more
Your Biz podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 8: Jo Violeta on how to run a successful business with your partner

Working with your partner – total dream team …. or your worst nightmare?

The lovely Jo Violeta from Violeta Finance joins me on the Your Biz Podcast to chat about the ups and downs of going into business with your beau.

Jo Violeta
Lisa Wandl

Episode 7: Finding your gold + understanding the true meaning of success with Lisa Wandl

If you are ready to ‘find your own gold and anchor into your true goals’ then listen up. We’re diving deep into what it really means to succeed and how to get the most out of your own incredible and unique strengths.

Episode 6: Catching copycats with Kate Toon

When someone starts ripping off your work it can be more than a little bit annoying… In this episode we’re talking about copycats: how to handle them, whether you should confront them and how to stop it killing your vibe.

Kate Toon
Dr Karen Sutherland

Episode 5: Social media strategy with Dr Karen Sutherland

Social media is not quite as simple as it once was. So, in this episode, I’m tackling social media strategy head-on. Get your notepads out – it’s a goodie.

Episode 4: R U Really Ok? Workplace mental health with Graeme Cowan

On this episode, I chat to R U Ok’s Graeme Cowan. You’ll hear some tips for tackling tricky conversations, implementing self-care into your week and providing support to colleagues and loved ones.

Graeme Cowan

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