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FACT: Blogging is an important part of a content marketing strategy and writing a quality blog copywriting is not as easy as it might seem.

FICTION: It doesn’t matter what you blog about.

FACT: The hard truth is that if you aren’t OFFERING something of value to your reader (knowledge, humour, interesting insights etc) then your blog is a bit pointless.

FACT: Consistency is key

FICTION: It doesn’t matter if you blog sporadically, infrequently or not at all.

FACT: Once you begin creating valuable content your audience will expect to hear from you.  If you disappear into a digital black hole for weeks or months at a time you can expect your audience to do the same.

FACT: Anyone can write a blog.

FICTION: Anyone can write great blogs that engage an audience and boost website traffic.

FACT: Research, technique, and a creative flair are essential.  Oh and let’s not forget an in-depth knowledge of SEO.

FACT: I offer blog copywriting services that are creative, engaging, researched and relevant.


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I’m Dominique Kimber, Founder of Social Swell Copywriting & Communications Sunshine Coast.

I’m a copywriting professional specialising in digital content and SEO.  I also offer media communications services.

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