Ready to SEgrOw?

Ready to SEgrOw?

SEO Training Workshop

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Learn the secret to top-ranking, eyeball-grabbing, Google goodness in this one day SEO workshop on the Sunshine Coast.

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One Day SEO Training Workshop


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Workshop Topics

What you’ll learn

In one day you will discover the key steps to SEO success

Conduct an SEO audit

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website SEO and create an SEO ‘to-do’ list for your business.

Keyword research

Learn how to conduct keyword research and implement keywords effectively into your SEO strategy.

Write kick-arse content

Explore the ways to create content that boosts Google rankings AND converts

Develop a backlink strategy

Learn how to create backlinks the right way.


Unearth the trick to better blogging

Write Google-friendly headlines

Write headlines that drive traffic and attract your customers

Optimise your images

Discover the steps to an optimised image.

Monitor your success

Identify the tools you need to track your SEO progress and see the results.

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