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Ok, so by now we all know that Social Media Marketing is important for business. But for many businesses it’s a real struggle to find the time to create unique and engaging content that is going to CONVERT.   Connecting with existing, new, and potential customers on social media is easier said than done.   Content needs to be unique, engaging, and driven by a clear strategy that is reflective of the ever-changing nature of the social media algorithms. Your social media marketing strategy also needs to reflect your brand, your services and your personality in a way that connects and converts.  

Using my copywriting, SEO, and strategy know-how, I showcase the best parts of your business.  And I create content that cuts through the noise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.  I offer services in social media strategy, management, content creation, analytics and advertising.  I also provide one on one and group education for individuals and businesses looking to take control of their digital presence.

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I’m Dominique Kimber, Founder of Social Swell Copywriting & Communications Sunshine Coast.

I’m a copywriting professional specialising in digital content and SEO.  I also offer media communications services.

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