Where did Grandad go?

Out 15th September 2023

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‘Where did Grandad go?’ is the tale of a young girl’s love for her grandad and of the power of connecting with memories when moving through grief.

This beautifully illustrated story is designed to uplift and entertain little readers – helping you and your family navigate the complex emotions surrounding the loss of a loved one.

Lovingly written and illustrated by a mother-daughter duo, every image and every line in this tale is based on a real memory experienced between grandad and granddaughter.

Where did Grandad go illustration of little girl hugging her Grandad.

From the Author

Dom Kimber children's book author

Hi, I’m Dom Kimber.

I’m an author and professional copywriter based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and I’m so honoured to share this story with you.

Grieving the loss of a Grandparent? Looking for a way to support your children? Know a family impacted by the death of a loved one? I’m privileged to bring this book to you.

Made to support families navigating loss. For little ones who don’t fully understand. And as a way for you to connect when the times are hardest.

Where did Grandad go? Invites you to reminisce on the happy times, speak into the big emotions that our littlest people experience and come together through love.

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“This book is for little ones who don’t fully understand, and as a way for you to connect as a family when times are hardest.”

The story behind the story

In 2019 I was pregnant with my first child when sudden loss hit our family – my Grandad (Julie’s Dad) passed away suddenly. It was unexpected and hit the entire family quite hard.

I began to wonder how I would navigate something like this as a Mother. How would I explain to my son if someone he loved dearly simply disappeared from his world overnight.

Words poured out of me and onto the page as I processed grief, confusion and pondered the challenges of guiding a child through loss.

It was only after I had finished that it occurred to me that the words I had written could possibly offer support to others.

From then I contacted Julie (my Mum) who set to work bringing the memories I’d written to life through illustration.

This book is created from love.

Its purpose is healing and connection.

We hope it helps you and your family in some small way.

Meet the illustrator

Julie Clarke | Illustrator

Julie is an experienced artist and holistic health professional based on Sydney’s North Shore. Where did Grandad go? is a heartfelt collection of memories beautifully depicted in paper form. Each illustration is a visual representation of a real memory between Julie, her daughter (Dom) and her father (Grandad).

Part of the magic and intention of this book is that it creates the space for you to share your own special memories. We encourage you to slip your own photos and memories between the pages of the book. This way, every time you read the story with your little people, you can tap into the energy and emotions of times that have passed.

Interested in connecting with Julie?

Want to learn more about illustrating or holistic health?

“We encourage you to slip your own photos and memories between the pages of this book. Read the story every time you feel called to tap into the energy and emotions of times gone by.”

Where did Grandad go? Book about loss of grandparent.

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