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A beginner’s take on search engine optimisation 

We know that SEO can feel like a lot. In fact we’d go so far as to say that, for a lot of you, getting found on Google seems as easy as completing a rubix cube underwater with your hands tied behind your back. But, if you’re a business owner looking to carve your way in the web world, search engine optimisation is an absolutely essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

In this article Tarrin shares her first impressions of SEO, keyword research, and promoting her business online – all while juggling the demands of kids, navigating the needs of customers and letting her feminist flag fly. 

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‘None of this makes sense, its dumb, and I hate it!”

Yup.  I said it.  And I bet anyone else who is trying to market their business online has said this too.  Or at least thought it. Creating a website that Google will find?  One that people will visit and stay on all while packing school lunches and trying to get the laundry done? Cue a giant eye roll and sigh.  Possibly even a tantrum.  Just me? 

It doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee I have, how many positive affirmations I have scattered around my home office, or if I have done my yoga for the day, doing any of the stuff that isn’t creative, fun or part of my natural skill set, kills me.  It’s completely overwhelming.  So, I ignore it.  But getting it right is important.  And if I want to be successful, I’ve got to sit down and learn. Sigh.

Enter Dom Kimber.  Owner of Social Swell. Dom spent many years in the corporate world. If there was a GIF to capture what it’s like when you meet her, it would need to involve some Beyoncéness with a side of Taylor Swift, fancy lighting and a wind machine.  

GIF of Taylor Swift dancing in a sparkling dress as part of getting found on Google comparison.

Dom has been in the corporate world.  She has dealt with sexism.  Been discriminated against and underestimated.  Why?  Because she is a woman.  So she ditched that life. Mic drop. 

This self-respecting marketing virtuoso now works for. Her. Self.  While raising a family.  So, if there is any one person I am going to listen to about how to connect with my dream customers, it’s Dom. She gets it.  She gets it so much that I feel like throwing on a black leotard and being her backup dancer ala “All the single ladies”.

If you download just 1 FREE guide ….

Enough about the dancing.  I’ve checked out the 5 steps to effective keyword research and I have two things to say:

– It’s free.  No catch.  (told you – a side of TayTay) Just a simple guide to get you on your way.

– Run, don’t walk.

There’s a lot to take in.  Words with short, medium and long tails?!  Intent?! Hang in there.  At first it might feel a little bit like that first algebra lesson, where everyone nodded while their brains internally exploded.  But stick with it, this is way more useful than the maths you did at high school and haven’t used since. There are worksheets, and exercises (not the kind you need lycra to do). And once you get going, it all starts to make sense. 

Here’s a tip from Dom:

“Keyword research for an entire website can feel overwhelming. So, work on it page by page. Since your home page is likely the most visited page on your entire website 

it’s a good place to start.”

*sings “Now put your hands up oh, oh, oh….”

  • Writer of Words.  Sprinkler of Glitter. Eater of Chocolate.

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The 5 steps to effective keyword research

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