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Backlinks are one of the most powerful SEO strategies for your business.  They drive traffic to your website, and Google considers them to be little ticks of approval for your content.  As with all things SEO, there is a right and a wrong way to implement backlinks into your digital strategy.

It’s important to note that not all backlinks are created equal.  Every website and web page online has what is known as a page authority and domain authority.  The higher the authority, the higher the value that Google places on the website and the content within it.

So, backlinks from high-authority domains such as The Australian news site, hold far more value than backlinks from low authority sites such as your Auntie’s blog about Maltese Shih Tzus.

Of course every backlink counts but it’s worth bearing in mind that 1 link from a high authority site = maybe 10 backlinks from various low authority sites.

How to earn backlinks

It takes a bit of time and effort and it’s a bit of an ongoing process but it’s well worth doing. There are a number of different ways to create backlinks so I’ve outlined a few examples to get you started:

Online directories

Directories are a common starting point but I would urge a bit of caution.  Avoid spammy-looking, poor-quality websites with crappy content.  Backlinks on sites like these could get you a smack on the bottom from Google.  Instead, list your business on well-known, reputable platforms that provide users with quality information.


are a really nice way to earn backlinks.  Write a testimonial for a business, they will use it online and will usually provide a backlink to your site, and it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing you’ve said something nice to someone else.

Guest blogging

This approach requires a bit of time but is a great way to build your profile and backlink SEO.

Other things to consider

  • Try and drive traffic to a variety of pages on your website. It’s easy to continually use your homepage in backlinks but it’s a good idea to share the SEO juice around a little bit. Consider including backlinks to your services page or perhaps your blog.
  • Don’t buy backlinks as it goes against Google’s guidelines and it’s a bit of a dodgy, quick-fix approach.
  • Conduct regular audits to monitor the backlinks to your website and ensure a bit of quality control.

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