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health and wellness blog topics

Global health, wellness and fitness industries generate over $80 billion every year and Sydney is ranked as one of the top five most health-conscious cities in the world. With an increasing national health consciousness due to COVID-19, Australia has a focus on health and wellness like never before.

But as a business in this space, how do you get your brand out there? 

A great way to attract more of your dream clients is with strategic content marketing and blog writing. 

If you’re a yoga instructor, healer, beauty therapist, fitness expert or wellness guru, you probably have a mounting to-do list. 

Researching, creating and optimising for SEO is probably the last thing on your mind. 

That’s why we thought we’d give you a running start with these expertly chosen blog topics. 

We’ve hand picked these titles for their value, potential to rank, and the benefits they can offer your new, future, and existing customers. 

In this article, we’ve done the keyword research for you. Whether you want to focus on fitness, nutrition, general wellness, physiotherapy or yoga, we’ve found a few of the best blog topics for health and wellness brands. Read on for more. 


  • The key to a good blog
  • Health and wellness blog topics
  • Fitness blog ideas
  • Nutrition blog ideas
  • Well being blog ideas
  • How to optimise your blog

The key to a good blog: 

Before we get into the topics, it’s important to understand the foundations of a high quality, high ranking blog article. 

While every topic is different, there are a few guidelines to follow with each of your blog posts. 

Here are a few key tips for writing your blog content: 

Use your keywords in the right places

H1, sub headers, first 100 words and image names and alt tags and page title. It’s also great to sprinkle organically throughout the rest of the blog. If you’re not sure what a keyword is or where to find them head to our FREE Step by Step Keyword Research guide.

Add links where appropriate

Adding internal links helps search engines find new content and helps your users navigate your website.

Keep your paragraphs short

People mostly skim-read information, so by breaking it down with bullet points, short paragraphs and bold, italics, and underline it’s easier to digest

Strengthen your content with visuals

From infographics, videos, or piktographs, adding visuals complements your content and helps the user to digest all the information. It also reaffirms that your content is valuable and tells Google your pages are worth showing and sharing. 

Structure your blog

Include an introduction, table of contents, conclusion, and call to action. 

Write your meta description

Make sure your meta description is 160 characters or less and in that make sure you draw in the reader and use your primary keywords.


Health and wellness blog topics to get you started

We’ve outlined our top picks for health and wellness blog articles to get you started on your blog writing journey. We’ve included all the info around keywords, search volume, difficulty and competition.

Fitness blog ideas

  1. 15 Day Fitness Challenge at Home 

“15-day challenge workout” has low keyword difficulty and a higher search volume.

This topic also offers the opportunity to rank for other keywords within its subheadings such as:

  •  Lower back bench press  (Volume 90, Keyword Difficulty 24)
  •  Back and shoulder superset workout – (Volume 50, Keyword Difficult 29) 
  •  Lower back extensions – (Volume 50, Keyword Difficulty 24)

Image: low-competition-keywords-fitness.jpg

2. Crossfit vs Hiit for weight loss – which high-intensity interval training is best?

You can see from the table, ‘CrossFit workouts’ is a competitive keyword that you’ll probably find difficult to rank for. But, Crossfit vs Hiit for weight loss – which high-intensity interval training is best? offers reasonable traffic with much more potential for appearing on Google.

Nutrition blog ideas

Image: nutrition-blog.jpg

The 10 best vegan multivitamins in Australia 

Focusing on a niche subject like The 10 best vegan multivitamins in Australia holds great potential for nutritionists looking to improve their appearance in the search results.

You could either: 

  • Show a number of the best multivitamins and describe them: This would be a simple and easy structure to follow, informative and actionable.
  • Focus on one type of multivitamin: Create a series of articles outlining the health benefits, ingredients and products of individual multivitamins, for example, collagen, b12 or pre-workout, to name a few. 

Well being blog ideas

Image: well-being-blog.jpg

The keyword “well being” has only recently gained influence and offers a unique opportunity for your brand. 

Well-being offers a breadth of subtopics. With its complexity, well-being can include physical, social, emotional and financial angles. 

  • What is human wellbeing: 5 ways towards wellbeing balance/
  • Understanding the links between well being and happiness
  • What is the definition of human wellbeing?
  • What is a well being plan?
health and wellness blog topics table for wellbeing sector

Naturopath blog ideas

  • How to become a naturopath (in Australia)?
  • What do naturopaths do?
  • Can a naturopath write prescriptions?
  • What’s the difference between a homeopath and a naturopath?
KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
how to become a naturopath32028
how to become a naturopath in australia17026
what do naturopaths do14024
can a naturopath write prescriptions9020
can naturopaths prescribe antibiotics9023
can naturopathic doctors prescribe medication7027
what to expect from a naturopathic doctor7021
what’s the difference between a homeopath and a naturopath7017

Physiotherapist Blog Ideas

  • Do I need a chiropractor or physio?
  • Whats better a chiropractor or physio
  • What should I wear to Physio?
  • What should i wear for knee physio
  • What to wear to physio for lower back
KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
what’s better physio or chiropractor9020
what should i wear for knee physio7017
what to wear to physio for lower back7017
do i need a chiropractor or physio5018

Massage Therapist Blog Ideas

  • What is remedial massage?
  • What to wear to a massage?
  • How often should i get massage?
  • What is myotherapy massage?
  • Can you get a massage before acupuncture?
KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
what is remedial massage290026
what’s remedial massage17023
what is remedial massage therapy14026
what is myotherapy massage11017
what to wear to a massage11016
can you get a massage before acupuncture9019
do i need a sports massage9019
how often should i get massage9015

Pilates and Yoga Instructors Blog Ideas

Pilates Instructors

  • How to become a pilates instructor?
  • Is pilates good for pelvic floor muscles

  • Do men do pilates?

Yoga Instructors

  • Why is yoga different from other exercise
  • How to practice ashtanga yoga at home
  • How to host a yoga retreat
health and wellness blog topics table for yoga and pilates industries

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