So you’ve finally nailed down some time to write that next blog and you’re sat at your laptop, fingers hovering over the keyboard and ….. nothing.  You’re drawing blanks.  How can this be, where did all of those ideas go?  Writer’s block happens to all of us at one stage or another.  In fact, I am writing this because I am struggling to find inspiration myself.  As a professional copywriter this is a hard thing to admit and the feeling of creative nothingness is completely frustrating.  I type, ‘how to overcome writer’s block’ into Google and pages of results, including tips and tricks, bounce in front of my eyes.  I click on a few and then frantically scroll down the screen, almost as if I am expecting inspiration to flow directly from the computer, through my fingers and into my mind. Nope, nothing but tumbleweed flying around up there.  But, fear not because it is possible to overcome writer’s block and it starts by asking yourself a few tough questions.

What’s holding you back?

  • Are you worried about putting yourself out there? Fear can be one of the biggest causes of writer’s block but you shouldn’t let it stop you.  Push through, put your big girl/boy pants on and get your copy out there.  Your confidence will naturally grow over time – it will get easier.
  • Are you focussing too much on perfection?  Don’t overthink it. Write, walk away, and come back to it later if you’re not sure if your copy is good enough for publication.  Just because you write your content now doesn’t mean that you have to click the publish button straight away.
  • Do you really have anything to say or are you simply writing for the sake of writing?  If it’s the latter then it’s probably best to walk away now.  Write something of value or write nothing at all.  This is harsh but true.

​The real answer to overcoming writer’s block

how to overcome writer's block

The truth is that creativity is not formed in a vacuum. What I mean by this is that in order to write something inspirational, you have to absorb and immerse yourself in things that are inspiring.  Things that make you think, things that make you laugh and things that make you ask interesting questions.

  • Eliminate distractions.  Yep, that means get off social media, turn off your television, and stop adding items to an online shopping cart that you have no intention of paying for.
  • Do something to get your blood flowing – run, jump, whatever.
  • Change your environment.  There’s nothing more creativity stifling than a rigid office desk and a stack of paperwork.
  • Listen to a podcast.  Try listening to something/someone related to your field or a podcast created by someone that you look up to.
  • Freewrite.  It doesn’t matter what you write, just pen or type until you can’t write anymore.  You might be surprised at what comes out.
  • Brainstorm with another person.  It’s amazing what can happen when you introduce a fresh point of view.
  • Always carry a notepad and pen with you.  Ideas come at the strangest times.  Write them down as you think of them.
  • Remember why you’re writing in the first place.  Don’t concern yourself too much with WHAT you want to write about but ask yourself  WHY you want to write.  Inspiration is sure to follow.

You won’t overcome writer’s block by:

  • Watching Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ segment on YouTube
  • Hiding under your doona in bed
  • Banging your head on your office desk
  • Eating cheese Twisties and binging on Netflix
  • Googling how to overcome writer’s block.  This one article will offer all of the information you need (bit of self promo there).

Dominique Kimber is a professional copywriter, trained journalist, SEO lover and the founder of Social Swell.

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